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My personal life has taught me that we are all really caregivers.

And that as caregivers we are often lost and lonely.

It can feel like we are running on empty, all the time.

We don’t know what to do or how to be.

I discovered that caregiving is a job. I needed training, skills, and support - as I would for any other job. 

And that this training and support is available. 

So that I can be a better caregiver - and also care for myself.


I was in international human resources management and training in the corporate world for more than 10 years. 


After I became a life coach, additional training in medical coaching became a way to bridge my professional journey with my personal one.


Over the last decade working as a medical coach, I became a specialist in caregiving coaching, and developed profound and effective training for caregiving coaches. 


If you took a snapshot of me, you’d see me with my wonderful family, reading and relaxing with my husband, or traveling and exploring, meeting new people, or dancing with my little grandkids, singing at the top of my lungs!


Originally from New York, I moved to the Galilee in the 1980s and love the serenity, the warmth, the beautiful hills, and the sense of community I found here. 


I love what I do – both personally and professionally - and have succeeded in creating the balance necessary to live my life at its best (most of the time.)


I am a certified Caregiving, Medical, and Life Coach, and a member of and registered with the International Coaching Federation and the Israel Chamber of Coaches.  

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